Child Nutrition Program

Providing Children with Healthy Eating Opportunities in and out of School
It isn’t just providing freshness, quality, and excellent service that makes us what we are. By partnering with after school programs we strive to provide children with healthy eating opportunities in and out of school. We create and customize varied meal solutions that meet the nutritional needs of children, whilst remaining exciting, appealing, and deliciously tasty, with fresh food, fruits, and vegetables available at all times.
Whatever their dietary and nutritional requirements, our meals and services will also match all standards and guidelines of health and nutrition set out by the government, whilst remaining delicious, desirable, and exciting. Kids will tell you that taste is the most important part, but freshness and nutritional value are paramount to us.

To overcome time and location constraints, you’ll need to consider alternate feeding options.

So, for your convenience, we offer products that require no refrigeration, are shelf-stable, and come with utensils and cleaning items for quick and easy cleanup. Whether you want to provide a classroom breakfast, lunches, after school meals, or even healthy and tasty snacks for the school bus, we are very proud to offer food that kids love to eat, whilst meeting all health, safety, and nutritional guidelines and expectations. As a part of the communities to which we love and belong, we regularly consult with and visit schools to stay abreast of service and meal solutions for children. This gives us ideal and up-to-date insight into how we can constantly adapt to offer practical and healthy solutions for addressing the foodservice needs of children. We are adept at optimizing efficiency and enabling you to save on costs, allowing you to feed more children better, tastier food.

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