Our Services

Businesses who partner with us benefit from employees who are efficiently fed, and with quality. This means longer productive hours during the day, maximizing efficiency.
Businesses and brands need on-site cafeterias to provide their employees with quality and handmade meals at any given time. And as the world of work changes and modernizes, employees expect a greater range of options when it comes to the food available to them at work. They expect diverse menus and the opportunity to eat when required. To match this need, we provide catering for meetings, lunches, and even snacks and Take Home meals.
If your clients have multiple locations then it’s likely that each site will have different numbers of employees, with different roles, different preferences, and different requirements. One size never fits all, so that’s why we offer a full range of meals including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, as well as sandwiches salads, fruit and protein packs – all freshly made each day and FDA approved and inspected.
Stocking and catering for multiple locations can be a tremendous logistical challenge, and it’s impossible to tick the boxes for each site with a single order, a single delivery, or a single menu.
Catering for each site, with all their differences, also takes a huge amount of time-time your clients cannot afford to lose. By enlisting our services we will overcome these challenges and allow you to hand back this all-important time to your clients, by offering custom deliveries for each location and at multiple times per week to ensure each cafe is stocked and running smoothly. We will customize menus to suit the needs of all locations, saving time having to sort and arrange what goes where.
To offer your clients something truly unique, we will also work from proprietary recipes to create custom products for each company, with a logo and branding on each label. The quality food served will become a positive and valuable part of your clients’ all-important brand.

Get in touch today and let’s work together on pricing plans that work for you.