Emergency Feeding

We understand the varying food and catering challenges you may face, and this extends to emergency and disastrous events beyond anyone’s control.
Such events can mean a sudden or unplanned increase in consumers, feeding first responders and event survivors, staffing issues, or having to serve at alternate sites. We have systems and structures in place that will safeguard your business or community against any of these challenges. Whether it’s time constraints, managing food waste, or adapting menus according to the occasion, our decades of industry know-how will enable you to overcome any catering challenges without compromising on quality of food or service. When faced with emergency feeding, our meals will allow you to run a business-as-usual catering service and our services are packaged around allowing you to have a Plan B that matches the quality of your standard service.
Whatever bumps in the road you encounter when it comes to providing a service for your employees or guests, your business will not have to suffer and the possibility of financial loss is a stress you won’t have to worry about.
We can take care of everything when it comes to organizing and implementing an emergency preparedness plan, including meal transportation and delivery when and where you need it. The efficiency of your business will be protected, you don’t have to fret over unplanned costs, and the day-to-day running of your business will not be disrupted because of food.

Speak with us today and we can put a bespoke plan in place to rise to any emergency feeding challenge your business or community may face.